May 2016

Breakthrough: ALSF Innovation Grant Leads to FDA Breakthrough Therapy for Glioblastoma

Read more about how one of our early Innovation Grants helped lead to a major breakthrough in the treatment of glioblastoma, an aggressive and often deadly brain tumor. 

In 2006, ALSF funded a project called “Targeting Pediatric Brainstem Glioma with Oncolytic Polioviruses,” led by Dr. Matthias Gromeier, a researcher at Duke University. His work centered upon using a modified version of the polio vaccine to attack malignant brain tumors. 

10 Motherhood Lessons We Learned From Childhood Cancer

Special thanks to the very special Hero moms who shared their wisdom and lessons with us: Miriam Matz, mother to Ellie; Laurie Thompson, mother to Caelin;  Keren Fitzgerald, mother to Cole; Stephanie Cassabria, mother to Nico; Trish Cartafalsa, mother to Ryan; Dina Dodd, mother to Owen, Lauren Boerlin, mother to Nathaniel, Tish Hearne, mother to Thomas; Heather Banaszek, mother to CJ.