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How to Inspire Students to Give Back 

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By: Erin Weller

At 4 years old, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) founder, Alex Scott, believed anyone could make a difference no matter their age, and at ALSF, we believe schools have the power to inspire that change. For two decades, institutions ranging from preschools to universities across the nation have become a part of the ALSF community with fundraisers to help raise awareness and funds for children with cancer. 

Whether you’re a teacher looking to integrate childhood cancer awareness into your curriculum, a principal looking to inspire school spirit for a good cause, or a college student in search of service opportunities, the possibilities to give back are endless. Here are a few ways to inspire students to help kids with cancer: 

1.    Organize a Kickball Game
Started by a 10-year-old boy during his second battle with cancer, the Kick-It Program can turn any sporting event into a spectacular fundraiser. Hold a kickball game in the school gym or outside for a fun school night! Create a sign-up fee, sell tickets to spectators or ask for donations at the event to help your students have fun while they fundraise. Not into kickball? Check out how you can get involved with any kind of game or sporting event here.

2.    Plan a Lemonade Stand 
Need a fundraiser that works for kids, tweens and teens? You’re never too young or too old to hold a lemonade stand. Show your students how to be self-starters by having them set up and sell lemonade outside your school or at a sporting event. Have your fundraiser at any time of year, or push it to June 3-11 to partake in ALSF’s Lemonade Days–a week of lemonade stands held all over the world in honor of Alex Scott and the lemonade stand that started it all.

3.    Get Moving with The Million Mile
Start your school year off right during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September by having your students join a fitness challenge to help ALSF raise millions of dollars by collectively moving a million miles. Join thousands from across the country as they log every mile they walk, run or bike. Whether you want to incentivize a joint goal for students or create a competition between classes for school spirit, there are plenty of ways to partake in The Million Mile this September!

4.    Start a Classroom Coin Collection
At ALSF, we believe no donation is too small to start making a difference. If you’re looking to start with something simple, register online for a classroom Coin Collection. We’ll send you materials including collection boxes for your students. Show your school that even small actions can add up to big change!

5.    Turn Greek Life into Giving Back
For college kids, ALSF has endless philanthropic opportunities for sororities and fraternities. From bake sales to formals to dance marathons to walk-a-thons, any sorority or fraternity can make a difference for kids with cancer. Check out some more unforgettable fundraising ideas or create your own by registering online.

Whether you have a student who is a childhood cancer hero or are just looking to inspire your students to make the world a better place, the fundraising possibilities are endless. Register your fundraiser online today or explore our webpage for more ways to help your students give back and help kids with cancer.

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