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March Madness: More than the final score. ALSF founder Alex Scott receiving an award at a Sixers game.

 by Liz Scott, Alex’s Mom

I am always inspired when I watch basketball and, for me, March Madness is the best basketball time of the year!  I like watching basketball, especially youth basketball because kids play their hearts out.   

As a parent, I have grown to recognize the work and effort that these young men and women have had to put into this sport to play at the Division 1 level.  I appreciate all that their parents and families have done to give them this opportunity.  It can be grueling at times to watch your child make mistakes, have a bad game or just sit on the... Read More

by Liz Scott, Alex's mother

Today marks what would have been a big birthday for Alex—she would be turning 21!  

It is hard to picture Alex as a healthy 21-year-old. Cancer was such a part of her life that I can’t imagine her without it — maybe it is because even if she had survived, the cost to her health would have been significant. Or maybe it is just too painful to try to create the 12-plus years of living Alex missed. But, I think it is really because I don’t want to think of her as anything but exactly who she was – my daughter, a sister to her three brothers, a friend... Read More

In 2004, while battling neuroblastoma, Alex Scott painted what would become a $100,000 painting at her kitchen table.  

Fast forward 12 years and Alex’s painting has raised over $100,000 (enough for over 50 weeks of groundbreaking childhood cancer research). 

Each year during the Lemon Ball live auction, attendees have a chance to win the painting for an 11-month rental. “Hearts and Star” has hung in several corporate offices... Read More