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Running, walking or riding a million miles alone is impossible; but together we can make a difference and journey to a million during Alex’s Million Mile event this September.

Your first step is to register for Alex’s Million Mile! Then in September, you can begin tracking your miles. Here are 7 great ways you can rack up  miles and raise awareness of the need for cures for childhood cancer!

1. Track all your steps, all day long! Invest in a FitBit or other mile tracker to track your steps all day. If you are a cyclist, use Strava or MapMyFitness apps. Set a goal of at least 10,000 steps in a day. Bonus: Your FitBit, Strava and MapMyFitness can synch directly to your AMM account! Value: 5 miles/day! 

2. Train for that 5k/Half Marathon/Marathon. Seize the day (and the month!) and train for that 5K or marathon you’ve had on your goal list. Try a running program like Couch to 5k to help keep you on track. Enlist your friends in training and ask them to track their miles too! Value: 10 miles/week! (more if you are training for a longer race)

3. Pedal to a Million. Take a bike ride with your family, check out a local bike path or take it off-road to a spin class at the gym. One hour of biking, at a moderate pace can help you rack up the miles fast. Value: 25 miles/hour 

4. Make it a Family Affair. Journeys are more fun with family and friends. Sign up your entire family to track miles, even your family pet! (Fido’s miles count too). Take walks after dinner, in the morning and spend the time catching up! Value: 1 mile/day

5. Sign Up the Whole Team. Play a sport? Sign up your sports team to track practice miles. Sign up your kid’s soccer team and  all of those soccer moms too! Value: 40 miles/practice 

6. Bring Your Miles To Work. Form a group of lunchtime walkers or post-work runners. Make your weekly check-in meeting with your boss, a walking meeting. And, stop sitting so much! Walk around your office for 3 minutes every hour and watch your miles add up! Value: 5 miles/week

7. Keep Moving! Plan weekend runs and end with a fun brunch. Park far away. Take the stairs. Walk to lunch. High step during commercial breaks. Hit the mall for a day of shopping and walking. Value: Limitless!

How will you help us Journey to a Million? Share your Alex’s Million Mile tips with us and sign up your team today!  


Alex's Million Mile

At Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, we are all about kids helping kids

Childhood cancer hero, Ishani Sathianathan drew this amazing picture of her front yard lemonade stand. Ishani is a survivor of Stage 3 alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, the most common soft tissue cancer in children. She is also a long-time ALSF stand host! This summer, join kids like Ishani and host a front yard lemonade stand. Share Ishani’s picture and invite other families to join in the lemonade fun as well!

Ready to host? 
Sign up today!

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About Monthly Shareables:
You can help Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation raise awareness of the need for childhood cancer research and cures for all children! Each month, we will share a new "shareable," an image for you to share with your social media network. Every time we start a conversation about childhood cancer, we bring ourselves closer to cures.

How To Share:
Sharing is easy! Links to the shareable on Facebook and Twitter are on the tabs below. Simply click on each tab and share, like and favorite! Thank you for helping ALSF fund innovative, cutting-edge childhood cancer research. 

How far would you go for childhood cancer? Would you help us on this journey to one million miles this September?

Each September, ALSF hosts Alex’s Million Mile, a month-long fundraising event that builds  awareness for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Last year, more than 15,000 people logged miles and raised money for childhood cancer research. Everyone can make the most of their steps (and miles!) in September by running, walking and biking to collectively exceed one million miles! 

This summer, we are making a video public service announcement to spread the word and get more people to join us on the Alex’s Million Mile journey  and we need your help!

Send us a 15-30 second video clip and let us know how far you would go for a cure for childhood cancer. Tell us why Alex’s Million Mile is important to you—and how you plan to help go one million miles in September! 

Winners will have their video clip featured in the PSA and receive a  special, limited edition 2016 Alex’s Million Mile t-shirt!

Ready to go? Here’s what you need to:

  1. Create your video. Selfie videos are encouraged!
  2. Post your video on our ALSF Facebook page  or e-mail the video to [email protected]

Need some more AMM inspiration? Check out these amazing stories from our childhood cancer heroes and SuperSibs.

Childhood cancer heroes and their families often travel hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles to receive treatment. Check out how far these children traveled! How far will you go?

Hero Kaela Cruz lost her leg to osteosarcoma when she was just 5 years old. But nothing stops Kaela! She is a tri-athlete, a pianist and an amazing girl who inspires  everyone she meets! 

SuperSib and Alex’s Million Mile participant Meg Schwehm finished her first half marathon in 2:22, just one week before her 8th birthday. Meg runs for her little sister Morgan who is 5 years old and is currently in remission from stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma. When approached about running a half marathon, Meg’s father Jeremy told her that it  would be too hard. Meg said that if Morgan could go through two years of treatment, she could run 13 miles.

Why do you support AMM? We can't wait to see what you come up with! But, don’t delay! Submissions are due on or before Tuesday, July 5, 2016.

Open to people 18 years and older or minors with parental permission. By submitting your video to ALSF, you give us permission to use it in an AMM PSA to be distributed to our supporters via email, website and social media channels. Multiple entries are welcome.

Alex's Million Mile