ALSF Fund: The CORD Fund (Spinal Tumors)

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ALSF Fund: The CORD Fund (Spinal Tumors)

The ALSF CORD Fund came about when the CORD Foundation became a named fund within Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF). CORD and ALSF joined forces so that, together, they can make an even bigger difference for children with spinal cord tumors.

All donations to the ALSF CORD Fund are restricted to research that will have an impact on spinal cord tumors.

Each year thousands of children are diagnosed with spinal cord tumors or gliomas and have no safe treatment options that provide a cure without debilitating consequences. Radiation is typically the prescribed therapy for treatment of this type of tumor in young adults, but can prove devastating for a small child, especially as the child continues to grow. Hope for these children lies in the rapid development of safer and more effective alternatives. Unfortunately, these types of spinal cord tumors are so rare that this type of research is grossly underfunded. By donating to the ALSF CORD Fund, you are helping to support research projects looking to find cures for pediatric spinal cord tumors.

You can also help fund pediatric spinal cord tumor research by holding a lemonade stand or fundraising event to benefit the ALSF CORD Fund! Register now to hold a fundraiser and you’ll get a personal fundraising coach as well as the opportunity to receive a free kit of ALSF materials to help you get started.