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Thanks to our sponsors who are spreading awareness of Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation!

Below is a list of companies that support Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) by incorporating ALSF into their brands.

Alex and Ani

ALEX AND ANI - Charity by Design Zest For Life Charm Bangle

Tart and vibrant, the lemon has ancient roots and possesses a distinct flavor with a bold, cheerful color. Its fresh citrus scent is associated with cleansing, symbolic of an opportunity to make a change. This charm is a reminder that when life hands you lemons, you have the power to take positive action, sweeten the situation, and make lemonade. The power to create a desirable outcome is always within reach.

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Chavez for Charity

Chavez for Charity - Yellow Themed Bracelets

With the purchase of this bracelet, 25% of profit is donated to ALSF.

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Country Time Lemonade

Country Time Lemonade

The perfect balance of sweet and tart.

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Florida's Natural​​

Florida’s Natural Lemonade

Nothing's sweeter than doing your part, and we’re a juice company that takes that seriously. We proudly donate 100% of the profits to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

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glassy baby


Clouds come in Seattle, smudges of gray erasing the blue. Sometimes they linger long, but then sunshine brings blue back, lovelier even than before. Ten percent from the sales of each 'sunshine' will be donated to the glassybaby white light fund in further support of ALSF to help fight childhood cancer, one cup at a time. Each glassybaby is hand-blown in Seattle or Berkeley. They fit snugly in the palm of an average hand, and stand almost 3.75" tall.

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Lehigh Valley Dairy Farm

Lehigh Valley Dairy Farm - Swiss Premium Lemonade

The perfect blend of sweet and tart, Swiss Premium naturally flavored Lemonade is a crowd pleaser!

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ONEHOPE Wine is a California based wine brand that sells high-quality wine and gift products. Each of their products gives back to a different cause to support their mission to celebrate and serve the world! Every bottle of their Muscat (available in mid-May) will benefit ALSF by funding better treatment and cures for all childhood cancers.

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