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Daughter’s Diagnosis Leads to a Lemonade Stand

Ellie Strong 2020

The Walters family
Wheaton, IL

Ellie was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma at 7 months old, so her family’s lemonade stand is an act of love and support for her.

Every year, they set up the stand in their front yard with plenty of adults to help fundraise and enough kids to fill a bounce house. They spread the word on Facebook and receive many donations online too.

Ellie will celebrate being three years cancer-free in September, but the family still sells their lemonade to raise awareness for all the kids who are still fighting.

The Walter Family’s Tips to Stand Hosts:

“Use all methods of communication to get the word out. Social media is powerful. Share your story. People want to help, but most don’t know how to start or what to do. Make it easy for them by always including the link to your donation page.”