The Dudes' Annual Lemonade Stand

The Cappo Family
May 4, 2019
Mamaroneck, NY

Jason first learned about Alex's Lemonade Stand from Bailee Madison on Twitter, and knew immediately that he wanted to hold a fundraiser for childhood cancer research. When his brother Matthew was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, Jason saw the perfect opportunity to support him and other kids battling cancer by participating in Lemonade Days.

Year after year, he sets up his lemonade stand at the local elementary school carnival where the DJ announces that they’re selling cups of homemade lemonade. Hosting the stand is a family effort. Jason mans the stand with help from his mom, while his dad makes fresh lemonade back at home whenever they run out. On hot days, they always run out, as people frequently come back for seconds!

“I feel like I'm making a difference by raising money for childhood cancer research, and we always have a fun time at the event because the carnival is a festive place to hold our stand,” said Jason.

Jason’s Tip to Stand Hosts: “We never charge a set price and tell people to donate what they want. Most people are generous when they know what the donation is for. Also, bring a cooler with ice too because people like it when you add in a few cubes of ice to their drink. And, my mom always sends an email to family and friends a few weeks before the event to ask for online donations if people can't attend that day. We always promote our stand on social media a few days before as well as the day of the event.”