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When a family receives a childhood cancer diagnosis, it is a challenge to make sure that everyone’s needs are being met, questions are being asked and answered, and emotions are being supported. 

Being there for the siblings of the childhood cancer patients can help SuperSibs feel recognized, special, and encouraged. Below are some suggestions on how to champion the SuperSib(s) in your life. 

ALSF SuperSib Owen


What can Grandparents do to Support their SuperSibs?

  • Send letters and cards to SuperSibs
  • Offer special outings and time together
  • Let them know they are important and that you are glad to have the chance to spend time together
  • Take on some of the “adult responsibilities” in the home – cleaning, cooking, carpool, laundry, etc. Too often, this falls on older siblings in the home.

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Family and Friends

Supporting a family after a childhood cancer diagnosis can be tough. Recognizing a SuperSib can help them feel special and encouraged during a difficult season. Here are just a few things you can do to help support the SuperSib(s) in your life.

What can Extended Family and Friends do?

  • Remember to refer to each sibling by their name(s), not “Sally’s brother”
  • Be sure to ask the SuperSib how they are doing, not about their sibling. While it is well-intentioned, it can make siblings feel like they do not matter as much.
  • If sending cards/gifts to the patient, try to include something for the SuperSibs as well. Receiving their own envelope with their name on it can make them feel special.