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A message from Liz and Jay Scott, Alex's parents:

Dear Parents, 

Many people have heard the story of our daughter Alexandra “Alex” Scott who was only 4 when she held her first lemonade stand to raise money to find cures for kids, like her, with cancer. Fewer people know that Alex is one of four kids in our family. Although Alex was the one in treatment, her three brothers–Patrick, Eddie, and Joey–also experienced the impact of being part of a family affected by childhood cancer. We know that it has not always been easy for them dealing with the uncertainty, fear, and worry that comes along with a sibling’s cancer diagnosis, but their experience has also shaped them into the young men we are so proud of today. As we continue Alex’s legacy through Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, Patrick, Eddie, and Joey are strong supporters and have been with us every step of the way. 

The Scott Family

Having grown up with siblings ourselves, we know the integral role they play in our lives, whether in good times or difficult times. There is nothing quite like the sibling bond, and the unique support and sense of normalcy that a brother or sister can give to a child in treatment. We are honored to be able to give siblings the support that they too need through SuperSibs! 


Best regards, 

Parents of Patrick, Alex, Eddie, and Joey 
Liz and Jay Scott 

What can Parents/Guardians do?

Childhood cancer doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but ALSF is here to help. Communicating with your child can be challenging after a diagnosis, but compassion and patience will be your guide through the difficult journey ahead. Here are a few tips to help you navigate life after a childhood cancer diagnosis: 

  • Keep your children updated on the status of your childhood cancer hero in age-appropriate terms. Sometimes, young children can use their imagination to fill in the gaps, and that could be scary for them.
  • Aim to have one-on-one time with your child(ren), especially if you have to spend nights in the hospital. Even a 5-minute phone call can make a difference.
  • Listen
  • Recognize your child(ren)’s accomplishments
  • If you have older siblings, make sure that another adult is taking care of the “adult” responsibilities, so they don’t have additional stress on themselves.
  • Remind them it is ok to laugh and be silly sometimes.

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