Childhood Cancer

Drugs used to treat children with brain and spinal cord tumors are known by various names, which can get very confusing. You may hear the same drug referred to by its generic name, an abbreviation, or one of several brand names, depending on which doctor, nurse, or pharmacist you talk to. The list below provides the generic name of the most commonly used chemotherapy drugs for newly diagnosed chidren and some of the most common brand names.

Drug Names Brand Name(s)
Bevacizumab Avastin®
Bleomycin Blenoxane®
Busulfan Busulfex®
Carboplatin Paraplatin®
Carmustine BCNU BiCNU®
Cyclophosphamide Cytoxan®, Cytoxan Lyophilized®, Neosar®
Dacarbazine DTIC-DOME®
Dexamethasone DEX Decadron®, Hexadrol®, and multiple other brand names
Etoposide VP-16 VePesid®, Toposar®
Gemtuzumab Mylotarg®
Ifosfamide Ifex®
Interferon-alpha Intron®
Irinotecan Camptosar®
Lomustine CCNU CeeNU®
Methotrexate MTX Trexall®
Prednisone Sterapred®
Procarbazine Matulane®
Temozolamide Temodar®
Thalidomide Thalidomid®
Thiotepa Tepadina®, Thioplex®
Topotecan Vesanoid®, Hycamptin®
Vinblastine Velban®
Vincristine Oncovin®, Vincasar PFS®