Childhood Cancer

Your child looks to you for clues about how to act. If you are emotionally distraught or squeamish, your child will be more likely to get upset in the emergency room. Do your best to remain calm. If the sight of blood disturbs you, look away. If you feel faint, put your head between your knees or leave the room.

My daughter broke her right wrist, and it caused what they call significant deformation. It was really gross. But while the doctor worked on it, I tried to not register alarm or shock. I kept real impassive features so if she were trying to read my face, I would be more or less inscrutable. When it’s my child and I don’t want to scare her, I click into warrior mom.

Many parents can hold their emotions in check until their child is out of danger. But don’t be surprised if you feel the need to cry when it’s all over.