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Love Your Melon

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Love Your Melon is proud to partner with ALSF because we share a dedication to supporting top-notch pediatric cancer research. They are supporting ALSF with $150,000 given toward research programs. $50,000 of this partnership will go directly to the Young Investigator Program to fund a promising young scientist who is working to make a difference by finding better cancer treatments. $60,000 is dedicated to funding 12 POST grants, which means they are directly supporting 12 students as they experience hands-on pediatric oncology research in the summer of 2018.

In 2019, Love Your Melon donated $100,000 towards the Childhood Cancer Data Lab. Love Your Melon recently awarded ALSF’s new Clinical Trial Navigator of $50,000. The Clinical Trial Navigator helps identify resources and helps make the process of choosing and enrolling in a clinical trial as smooth as possible.