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Pediatric Oncology Student Training (POST) Program

Pediatric Oncology Student Training (POST) Program

ALSF is dedicated to funding pediatric oncology researchers at critical points in their careers.  The POST Program is designed for undergraduate, graduate and medical students who have an interest in pediatric oncology research and would like to experience the field first hand by working on a mentored research project during a school break (typically summer).  Students train with a pediatric oncology research mentor who is an ALSF grantee, Advisory Board member, or Review Board member.  Students may join a research project underway in a mentor’s lab or begin an original investigation with the mentor.

The 2018 POST Program is now full.
We hope to see your application in next year’s cycle! 

What are ALSF’s goals for the Program?

  • To expose students to the field of pediatric oncology research
  • To help the student develop practical research skills
  • To provide an opportunity to experience a real-time research project
  • To benefit from a mentoring relationship with a pediatric oncology researcher

What kind of student is eligible?

Students must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate, medical, or graduate degree-granting program.  Students do not need to be enrolled in classes over the break.

Who may apply?

The mentor-mentee pair must be pre-arranged prior to application.  The mentor should submit the completed application including the required information for both mentor and mentee. The student does not need to be a U.S. citizen and may work on a research project with a mentor at an institution other than the one where she or he is enrolled. The mentor must be an active researcher in pediatric oncology in a U.S. or Canadian institution and a past or current ALSF grantee, advisory board member or grant reviewer.

Students hoping to identify potential mentors may search the following lists, but should know that many investigators have limited capacity to support additional students. 

How long is the Program?

Students must be able to dedicate at least eight full consecutive weeks to the program, generally starting between May 1 and August 31, 2018 (dates may vary depending on the student’s scheduled break).

How much is the POST Program grant?

A maximum of $5,000 will be awarded per student.

What does the grant cover?

  • Student Stipend: At least $4,000 must be used for the student stipend over the program period.
  • Supplies: A maximum of $1,000 may be designated for supplies associated with the student’s work. Supplies should be for consumables during the program time period. (The balance must be used for the stipend.)
    • Excludes equipment/computers/software, service contracts, or longer term supplies.
    • Overlap of budgeted supplies among multiple POST students in a lab is prohibited.