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Alexandra Schaney

  • Neuroblastoma

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At 20 years old, Alexandra is a star by nature. She loves to sing and act, and her passion for theater has led her to continue its pursuit in college. At home, her family is very close; they can often be found playing with her two dogs, Molly and Moe. When Alexandra isn’t shining bright on stage, she’s battling against stage IV high-risk neuroblastoma behind the scenes.

In 2004, Alexandra received a cancer diagnosis paired with a slim chance of living past the age of 5, but she conquered all the odds. Over the past sixteen years, Alexandra has received treatment in both New York and North Carolina, relapsed 12 times, and continues receiving treatment in NC. Alexandra’s fighting spirit is fueled by the big plans she has for her future, like her dreams of working on Broadway after graduation.

Alexandra inspires her parents every day as they watch her keep fighting. Even though it would’ve been understandable for Alexandra to give up during some very difficult times, her winning attitude has never faltered. Instead, she remains strong, drawing strength from her family. Alexandra’s parents live in constant awe of their daughter, watching her go to school, deal with the challenges of growing up, and keep cancer at bay all the while.

Years of treatment has taken its toll on Alexandra’s body, but her faith in God, her family and friends, and organizations like Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF), have given her the courage to keep going. She travels 62 miles round trip for treatment, sometimes every day for weeks at a time. When she is inpatient, one of her parents travels back and forth to care for their dogs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken an extra toll on Alexandra’s family, starting with a 10-day hospital stay during March. By the time were released, shelves were empty at the grocery stores. They couldn’t buy basic supplies. Thankfully, ALSF was able to send them a care package filled with hard-to-find cleaning and sanitation supplies. Their family struggled financially, but ALSF was able to offer them money for groceries. Due to her age, it is difficult for Alexandra to receive aid from many childhood cancer organizations, but fortunately, they found ALSF right in the midst of a tough treatment.

Through it all, Alexandra’s parents remind their daughter that despite the years of sickness, they will always get through by faith, and with the help of God. For those who have been blessed enough to be on the outside of a cancer battle, their family would like to encourage you to help someone less fortunate. Alexandra and her family are grateful to know that as a part of ALSF’s passion, they are cared for.

Information provided by Clint Schaney, Alexandra’s dad

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