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Coulter Hnatt

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Coulter is an amazing young boy that has taught his family so much in his 8 short years of life. He aspires to be a paleontologist during the week and a preacher on the weekend when he gets older. He loves art, music, science and US history.
When Coulter was 4-years-old, he started vomiting and began failing to thrive. A gastro-intestinal allergy was incorrectly suspected. An MRI and CT confirmed a brain tumor near the brain stem. He had emergency surgery within the day and was diagnosed with anaplastic ependymoma.
At 8-years-old, he’s been battling cancer for four and a half years. He’s had 150 sedations, 80 MRIs, seven cancer surgeries, five courses of radiation, chemotherapies and immunotherapies. Coulter enrolled in Dr. Ted Johnson’s (ALSF ‘A’ Award 2013 & Bio-Therapeutics 2014 grantee) clinical trial in 2015.  
Coulter is a hero because he has shown more strength, tenacity, courage and faith than anyone could ever fathom having while fighting this battle. His mom Courtney believes that one day childhood cancer will be cured and children will no longer have to battle this beast. She wants others, who may have recently received a cancer diagnosis, to know that it is a big mountain to climb at times, but God moves mountains.
Coulter says, "God didn't put us on this earth to do nothing, we have a purpose. Never give up!"
Information provided by Courtney Hnatt, Coulter’s mother 
Updated November 2016


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Childhood Cancer Heroes

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