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Destiny Parisot

  • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

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Destiny is the seventh of nine siblings. She is very artistic, likes to play with Play Doh, paint, color and sing. She’s as happy dressing up in long frilly dresses (preferably pink or purple, her favorite colors) as she is hanging out with her older brothers and watching them play video games.
In the time leading up to her diagnosis, Destiny’s family noticed that she bruised easily. One morning they noticed purple lines on her skin (petechiae) that looked like a rash. They took her to the doctor’s office where blood was drawn. After leaving the doctor’s office, Destiny's mom took her to get a special treat for being so brave during the blood draw. On the way home after they had finished going through the drive-through of the restaurant the doctor called and told them to go home, pack a bag for a few days and return to the hospital where an ambulance would meet them to take Destiny to a children's hospital an hour away. When they arrived, they were told that Destiny had ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia). 

Over the course of Destiny's treatment she has endured many chemo treatments, spinal tap procedures, blood transfusions and steroid pulses. As of July 31st Destiny is done with treatment and even though she will still continue monthly check ups for a while, she is cancer free!!!

It is the hope of Destiny's parents that they will be able to bring awareness to childhood cancer and to bring hope and encouragement to families going through a similar situation.

Information provided by Daniel Parisot, Destiny’s Father
Updated: August 2014

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