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Karah Casas

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Karah has an awesome personality – she is very spontaneous, sassy, caring and fun. She loves animals, especially horses, and wants to be a vet someday. She's a Girl Scout, a swimmer and a huge reader. She loves chocolate, but doesn’t like it when people ask how she is doing just because of her cancer. She knows they’re trying to be nice, but being singled out for sympathy makes her feel different. 

One morning Karah had a tummy ache. Her mom dropped her off at her elementary school in San Dimas California and then, just a few blocks away from school, turned around and came back for her, feeling like something just wasn’t right. Karah’s pediatrician sent her to the hospital. By day’s end she’d been transferred to City of Hope Hospital where she was diagnosed with leukemia.

It was very scary, but the doctors were amazed her leukemia had been caught so early.

Karah's treatment has been super rough. Although she is in remission she still has a few years of treatment left. Every possible side effect seems like it has affected her: nerve damage, headaches, nausea, vomiting and constant pain. Karah’s body physically cannot take the treatment, so new side effects have led to postponements. Karah hasn't been in school for two years and at the moment her family doesn’t know what next year will look like. 

Seeing their child suffering is completely heartbreaking, and Karah’s family dreams she will be cured. Even during treatment, she continues to be such a strong kid. Karah had grown her hair back and at a recent fundraiser she decided to shave it. When her mom asked why, she said, "for kids with cancer like me." She is her mother’s hero and her inspiration!

Hero Quote: (when Karah shaved her head at a fundraiser): "I'm doing it for kids with cancer like me!"

Information provided by Joann Sawyer, Karah’s mother
April 2015

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Childhood Cancer Heroes

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