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Nicholas DaSilva

  • Burkitt's Lymphoma

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Nicholas began kindergarten in September 2013 and several weeks later, he began to complain about pain during urination. However, a urologist said everything was fine. On the 26th of September, Nicholas was taken to the ER with stomach pain, where he was diagnosed with a stomach bug and constipation. By November, Nicholas’s belly had a noticeable mass, and was taken to the ER for a CAT scan. In actuality, the constipation was a growing mass. He was diagnosed with Burkitts lymphoma non Hodgkins. Nicholas was admitted to the hospital where he received treatment for several weeks. Nicholas has had eight rounds of chemotherapy, blood transfusions and surgery to remove the tumor. Wonderfully, he is now in remission!!

Nicholas’s family continues to hope for a cure for cancer, as well as more research to find less invasive treatment options. Nicholas is truly a hero to his family, diagnosed at only age 5 and battling for seven months with a smile on his face every day. Nicholas taught his mom, dad and two older brothers how to be strong. His mom recommends that other families going through cancer diagnosis and treatment try to take every day one step at a time, and has relied on Alex’s Lemonade Stand for information and support, including a treatment journal. 

Nicholas continues to get blood work every two months and remains in remission. In June, Nicholas even hosted his own Alex’s Lemonade Stand!

Quote: “One step at a time! Strength for Nicholas” 

Information provided by Patricia DaSilva
June 2015

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