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Artist Jay McClellan Supports Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

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Jay McClellanAlex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is debuting a special coloring book in collaboration with local renowned pet artist, Jay McClellan. McClellan is famously known for his commissioned dog artwork sold at Anthropologie and featured at the White Dog Café restaurants throughout the Philadelphia area. The coloring book will include sketches of dogs belonging to ALSF supporters.

Once complete, the coloring book will be sold at Alex’s Shop and on Amazon.com, with all proceeds benefiting ALSF. This is your chance to have your beloved dog(s)* featured on a page of this custom coloring book supporting our cause. In addition to a page in the book, you will also receive the original sketch of your dog(s) in a 9”x12” format, colored in by McClellan himself. 

Price: $1,000 per page.
*Have more than one furry friend? Multiple dogs can be featured on one page for the $1,000 price.

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For questions, please contact Addie Martelli at [email protected]