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Bella R, SuperSib

At 9 years old, Isabella is a sweet, spunky, and fierce advocate for those in need. She loves to play the guitar but her favorite thing to do is ride her dirt bike. She’s a caring and thoughtful kid who treats all strangers like friends, using her wit and positive attitude to make others smile. Bella loves her two dogs, Kai and Nala, and her big brother Cristian.

In February 2023, Cristian discovered a lump on his shoulder that led to his T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. As her brother began treatment, Bella has shown a level of understanding and maturity beyond her years. Sometimes she expresses feeling forgotten, but she always makes sure not to say anything in front of Cristian to make sure he doesn’t feel guilty. Bella is determined to do whatever it takes to be there for her brother – even overcoming her fear of vomit to help Cristian when he’s feeling sick.

Isabella’s parents are proud of her for being a superstar while both of her parents were away at Stanford with Cristian for nearly two months. During that time, Bella stuck it out at home with her grandparents, continuing with school, and checking in on her family whenever she could. She stays strong through it all and makes sure to be there waiting to hug everyone when they get home.

For Bella, it helps to have Cristian around. The two seem to be at their best whenever they are together to resume their normal sibling antics. When her brother has to leave for treatment, Bella finds solace in play dates with her friends and weekend trips with her grandparents to help her feel special. Having a great support system has made all the difference for both Bella and Cristian.

“Don’t have a good day, have a great day!” – Bella