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Bennett W., SuperSib

SuperSib Bennett with Lydia

Curious and empathetic, 6-year-old Bennett loves playing football, video games and watching the TV show Wild Kratts. He’s incredibly caring and understanding, especially when it comes to his little sister, Lydia. 

During Lydia’s battle with an uncommon childhood cancer, clear cell sarcoma of the kidney, Bennett began receiving less attention. Although he gets sad, he always puts on a strong attitude. Bennett has had to give up time with family and friends, avoiding playdates and social events to protect Lydia’s weakened immune system. Despite all he has had to change in his life, he always makes sure to include Lydia’s health in his nighttime prayers. His parents are proud of him in so many ways. 

Lots of things have helped Bennett, such as the time he has gotten to hang out with family and play games. His grandparents have been there for Bennett and Lydia, and pitch in where needed. For Bennett, receiving SuperSibs mailings has also helped him feel less alone.

“Sometimes I feel sad about Lydia but I'm happy when Lydia comes back from the hospital. Even though she likes to mess up the house.” - Bennett 

Information provided by: 

Jacob W., Bennett's dad