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Kara P., SuperSib



Favorite Color
Sea green
Favorite Activity
Playing with her dolls

Kara is an outgoing 6 year old who loves to sing and dance. She adores both real and stuffed animals.

Her parents are so proud of Kara for always supporting her sister, Isabella, and never complaining no matter how many doctor appointments or tests she has to attend.

Kara was born into a cancer family. Her older sister, Isabella (aka Bella), was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma when she was less than 3 months old. She beat that diagnosis before Kara was even born. By July 2017 though, Bella was diagnosed with a second cancer, renal cell carcinoma. It was the first time both Kara and Bella really experienced what it means to have a family member with cancer.

Kara watched her sister go through many tests and a surgery for her new cancer. She was left with family members while her sister spent a week in the hospital after doctors removed her cancer. Although Kara missed her sister and parents, she never got upset or jealous that Bella required most of the attention. Kara prays for her sister’s health often and wants nothing but to have Bella be healthy again. She is her biggest cheerleader.

When Bella went in for surgery, it helped Kara immensely to know that it would help her sister get better. That gave her peace of mind while she was missing her sibling.

Information provided by Jennifer Petrino, Kara’s mom

“I love my sister Bella.” – Kara