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Liliana C., SuperSib



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Liliana is an energetic and strong-willed 7 year old. She loves being with her friends and family, but also likes being the center of attention. She enjoys playing, swinging and spending time at the beach. Her favorite things are cuddling with her mom and sister, playing with the family puppy, Jackpot, and beating her dad in card games.

Her parents are so proud of Liliana for stepping up and being protective of her little sister Audrey as she fights chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). She is also incredibly invested in helping Audrey get better. She even learned how to help her sister take her medicine.

Despite all the difficulties caused by Audrey’s treatment, Liliana remains her best friend and biggest supporter. Liliana has found some help herself too, getting to spend more time with her grandparents when Audrey has to go to the doctor.

Liliana received her first SuperSibs packet this year and a story book designed to help kids cope when a sibling is sick. Both were incredibly helpful to Liliana while Audrey fought her disease.

Information provided by Angela Cacchio, Audrey’s mom

“We just need to help fix my sister’s bad blood! She is my best friend.” - Liliana