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Megna S., SuperSib



Favorite Color
Favorite Activity
Climbing trees, reading, soccer

Meg is an incredible, caring, strong-willed, high-energy 10-year-old. She loves to spend time with her sister and is often the best caregiver to Morgan. Her spunky personality helps distract Morgan through the tough times. Meg loves to spend time outside, to read and play with her friends.

Meg’s mom says, “I am proud of my SuperSib being resilient during this incredibly difficult journey and for her motivation to help children with cancer. Meg had the unfortunate experience of watching both her paternal grandparents die from cancer. One of them passed away just three weeks after Morgan was diagnosed. So, from the very beginning of this journey, Meg has always known that her sister may not beat this disease. She knows better than many adults what cancer really means. However, Meg pushed through her worry and came to the rescue of her sister so many times. The love shared by the two of them is like none other I've witnessed between sisters. Without each other they would be lost. “

Meg has not only been helpful to her sister, but also to all children with cancer. She feels strongly about supporting awareness and fundraising efforts for childhood cancer research. She has organized several awareness events in September all by herself and leads the family’s The Million Mile team each year. Together with her family, Meg has raised over $20,000.

The most important role Meg played during her sister's cancer treatment was that of cheerleader. Meg is a very active and happy child and when Morgan had an opportunity to come home from the hospital the girls would play together often. Meg took great care of her sister and helped her have as much fun as possible. It is incredible to have a distraction in the form of a loving sister and incredible playmate.

Liz says, “When we traveled to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, it was very helpful that Child Life included Meg in games and activities. Actively involving a sibling is very helpful as they are on this same journey too and are often passed over. It was also wonderful when people sent both Meg & Morgan cards or gifts instead of singling out only Morgan.”

Information provided by: 

Liz Schwehm, Megna’s mom