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Owen S., SuperSib

SuperSib Owen with Colin

Owen is an energetic and independent 5-year-old. He loves everything creative, from drawing to building LEGO. He also enjoys school, and his favorite color is blue. Most of all, he loves and adores his brother, Colin. 

When Owen was just 2 years old, Colin was diagnosed with Philadelphia chromosome-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Colin experienced many complications with his first treatment that kept him in the hospital for a long time. Owen visited his brother so much that he recognized when there were new toys in the hospital playroom. He was his best friend every step of the way.  

It wasn’t easy for Owen to stay home with his grandparents while his parents travelled five hours away with Colin. But Owen never complained. He’s been a joy at home and at school, keeping his spirits up with dance parties (even over FaceTime), art and his imaginary friends. Owen and his family are also grateful for all the support they’ve received, especially through Owen’s SuperSib mailings. 

Owen’s bravery stands out the most, as he’s endured nearly four months of separation from Colin. His parents are so proud of him.

“My job as a SuperSib is to make a sick person happy.” - Owen 

Information provided by: 

Allison L., Owen's mom