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Samantha J., SuperSib

Samantha (called Sami by her family) is a smart, fun, 14-year-old girl who loves being active. She plays volleyball, soccer and the cello while also being an engaged member of her Girl Scout troop, student council and honor society. In the future, she wants to become a pediatrician and help kids like her older sister, Emily, who was diagnosed with Wilms tumor at only 4 years old.

One of Sami’s earliest memories is when she and her family went to the Ronald McDonald House in New York for Emily’s surgery. Sami was only 2 at the time but recalls how she had to be extra careful with germs because of Emily’s weakened immune system. Despite the uncertainty during Emily’s treatment, Sami always found comfort in music, singing and dancing wherever she was.

As her sister fought, Sami was a beacon of positivity. Her family credits her with creating the joyous atmosphere that lifted everyone’s spirits, even during the worst of times. Sami played a crucial role in Emily’s treatment and recovery – if it wasn’t for her, those days wouldn’t have been as bright.

Being a SuperSib is important to Sami because of how close she is with her sister, who is now off treatment. She thinks that one of the best things a sibling can do for one another is to be there whenever someone needs to talk.

“Talk to your sibling about your problems. You might not always get along, but your sibling will be there for you when you need it most.” - Sami

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Samantha Jones