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Sawyer J., SuperSib

Sawyer absolutely loves all things superhero and LEGO. He’s a sensitive 6-year-old who likes being with his family, and is especially caring for his sister, Riley. 

Sawyer and Riley have always been inseparable, so when Riley was diagnosed with high-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia and had to spend a lot of time at the hospital, Sawyer was crushed. He had trouble understanding where his best friend went. Sometimes when his family visited Riley, he would be so distraught that he had to be carried out of the hospital screaming and crying because he just wanted to stay with his sister. It was challenging for him to grasp everything that was going on with the person he used to do everything with. 

While Riley was sick, Sawyer would sit next to her bed, talk to her and hold her hand. The amount of love and care he’s shown his sister is endless, and he has the biggest heart. This is why his family thinks he is an amazing SuperSib. 

The SuperSib program gave Sawyer something that was special. As a sibling of a child going through treatment, Sawyer needed something that was just for him. A lot of his family’s focus and attention was on Riley, and having his mailings to look forward to made Sawyer feel seen.

Information provided by: 

Robin J., Sawyer's mom