Childhood Cancer

Maddie Davis

Miles to Treatment: 460  (Virginia Beach to Augusta)

“Maddie is my soul and my salvation. She is a good girl, intrinsically polite, kind and respectful. She was diagnosed when she was 5-years-old with ependymoma and then the cancer returned again, just 2 years later. Maddie never asked us, ‘Why me?’ Instead, she makes every day better, tolerates treatment and involves herself in decisions about her care. 
Maddie is part of an immunotherapy clinical trial in Augusta, Georgia, over 460 miles away from home. Once a month, we have to get to the hospital to check-in, pick-up medication, have labs drawn, clinic visits and an MRI, all to ensure Maddie is tolerating her treatment. Without the airline tickets provided by ALSF’s Travel For Care (program), we would not be able to maintain our jobs and Maddie would miss out on more school, time with friends and a normal childhood. Because of Travel For Care, we can be productive at home and at clinic, return home and get back to being together as a family. This is what is so important—our time together while our daughter battles cancer.” 

In May 2020, Maddie sadly passed away. 

Melanie Davis, Maddie’s mom
Updated May 2020