Alex Scott

Alex’s Legacy: One Story at a Time

by Liz Scott, Alex’s Mom

Today, January 18, 2018, would have been my daughter Alex’s 22nd birthday; most of you know her as the founder of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Every year as Alex’s birthday rolls around, I wonder what is left to say about Alex. I have shared so much about her amazing life, her heartbreaking struggles and her extraordinary ability to persist. She was a special girl that is certain. I am proud to be her mom.

To My Sister Alex

Our founder, Alex Scott, was fortunate in her life to have her older brother Patrick, and two younger brothers, Eddie and Joey – her 3 SuperSibs. Alex’s brothers remain involved and committed to helping other childhood cancer families.

The following letter is a heartfelt tribute from Alex’s older brother Patrick who helped her set up and run her front yard lemonade stand. Patrick is now 22 and graduated from Harvard University in 2016. He currently lives and works in Arkansas.

Back Where It All Began: An Interview with Alex’s Parents

by Trish Adkins

It all started with one front yard lemonade stand. 

ALSF Founder Alex Scott had one big idea: to host lemonade stands to help other kids just like her feel better. When Alex was just 4-years-old, she hosted her first lemonade stand. That first stand kept growing each year and four years later, when Alex was 8-years-old, her lemonade stand raised $1 million for childhood cancer research.

Behind the Drawing: Meet one of Alex’s Nurses

by Jay Scott, Alex’s Dad

In our book, Alex and the Amazing Lemonade Stand, there is a picture of a woman on crutches. This character was based on one of Alex’s favorite nurses, a woman named Lisa.   Alex loved her so much, that she once asked Lisa if she would come along if her lemonade stand took a cross-country road trip. Alex did not want to her port accessed by nurses that didn’t know how to do it as good as Lisa did.