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Host a Winter Themed Lemonade Stand

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Though the cold temperatures make us all want to hibernate, childhood cancer doesn’t sleep through the winter months. There are many ways to keep fighting the battle against childhood cancer during the winter months of the year. Here are some wintry fun ideas:

  1. Turn your lemonade stand into a hot beverage stand! Sell hot tea with lemon, hot cocoa or hot soup (chicken broth with noodles can be inexpensive) at a stand. (Register to host a stand here!)

  2. Hold a winter carnival in your town and set up a stand, games, food and music. Suggest a donation to attend.

  3. Sell lemon snow cones!

  4. Have a sledding contest and ask for a donation to enter. The fastest sled wins half of all the money collected and the other half goes toward ALSF.

  5. Set up a table at a craft fair and sell homemade crafts for a donation.

  6. Shovel snow, rake leaves or walk dogs for a donation.

  7. Have a "Wear Yellow" dress down day at work or school to spread awareness of childhood cancer and ALSF.  Charge money to dress down (in jeans, pajamas, or sweat clothes).

  8. Host a school band/choir event where attendees can donate at the door.

  9. Have a raffle for a prize that a local business donates. You can sell tickets and draw from a hat/box. The person with that raffle ticket wins the prize and then you can donate all the money you collected from the tickets to ALSF.

  10. Host a chili cook-off and have contestants pay to enter.

  11. Hold a pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner for a fee at your school or community center.

  12. Organize a 3-on-3 basketball or other sport tournament.

  13. Host a designer handbag bingo night!

  14. Hold a lemonade stand, bake sale or plant sale at your business or school's event.

  15. Host a Lemon Cocktail Party and ask guests to donate...a grown up version of the lemonade stand!

  16. Hold a silent auction for prizes that local businesses donate.

  17. Penny Walk - Ask everyone at your school to bring in change and see if you can line up the change to wrap around the entire building. Then you can donate your change!

  18. Host a snow sculpture contest.

  19. Set up a virtual lemonade stand on our website and ask people to donate online:

  20. Have students sell their artwork at an art show!

  21. Set up a winter walk-a-thon and get pledge money for each mile or lap walked.

  22. Have an ALSF Birthday party.

  23. Host an ice skating party with a lemon theme.

  24. Host a lemonade storytime! Read "Alex and the Amazing Lemonade Stand" to others in your school, family, or community to help spread childhood cancer awareness. Serve lemonade afterwards (for a donation!)

  25.  Knit or crochet some yellow hats, scarves and gloves. Sell for a donation!