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Behind the $100,000 painting: Alex Scott’s “Hearts and Stars”

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In 2004, while battling neuroblastoma, Alex Scott painted what would become a $100,000 painting at her kitchen table.  

Fast forward 12 years and Alex’s painting has raised over $100,000 (enough for over 50 weeks of groundbreaking childhood cancer research). 

Each year during the Lemon Ball live auction, attendees have a chance to win the painting for an 11-month rental. “Hearts and Star” has hung in several corporate offices and private homes. Many of the Foundation’s sponsors have won the painting in previous auctions, including Volvo and Auntie Anne’s. After winning the painting in the 2014 Lemon Ball auction, Northwestern Mutual displayed Alex’s painting in the Milwaukee Museum of Art for a night during an NM Foundation celebration which over 2,000 people attended. 

Each year, the painting returns to the Foundation for the month of January—a reminder to all of the ALSF team that the work done in our offices reverberates beyond our walls. Wherever “Hearts and Stars” travels, so does Alex’s amazing inspiration! 

Much like Alex’s first simple lemonade stand, Alex’s kitchen table painting has turned into a grassroots fundraisingpowerhouse to find cures for childhood cancer. It is a reminder to all of us that simple acts can change the world. 

You don’t have to have thousands to own a little piece of Alex’s legacy - stock up on the “Hearts and Stars” notecards (available in a pack of 25) for $10 from our Gift Shop! The “Hearts and Stars” notecards are the perfect way to share the love, the hope and the legacy of Alex Scott.