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Want to Make Some Headlines? Here’s how to get your lemonade stand in the news.

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Getting media attention for your lemonade stand is a great way to raise awareness of the need for childhood cancer research

Matt Lauer interviewing Alex Scott in 2004 on The Today Show. 

 by Annie Korp, ALSF Public Relations Specialist

One of the reasons Alex was able to raise $2,000 at her first lemonade stand was because her aunt called their local paper. There was a small write-up in the community news section. People saw it and showed up to support Alex who wanted to give the money to her doctors and her hospital by hosting a lemonade stand. 

Getting mentions in your local newspapers and community media is an amazing way to spread the word about your lemonade stand and raise awareness of the need for childhood cancer research! It is one more way your lemonade stand helps get us closer to cures for all children. 

Some event hosts are comfortable contacting their local media – whether it’s the local paper or television news station. You can find any email addresses or phone numbers with a simple Google search. If you are not as comfortable contacting the media but would like some help gaining a broader reach than your average Facebook post or community flier – don’t worry, my name is Annie Korp. I am the PR Specialist at Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and I’m here to help!  

  1. When your event coach emails you after you register an event, they should include my contact information: [email protected] or 610-649-3034. My information is also included in several areas on the website, including the “Make It a Success” page.  
  2. I’ll ask you to fill out our Communications Assistance Questionnaire – also on the “Make It a Success” page. The questionnaire asks some important questions about your event, like when is the event? Where will it be? What will you be doing at the event? Selling lemonade, painting faces or having a bounce house? 
  3. I take your answers from the questionnaire and write up a press release. I’ll send it to you to review and make sure all of the information is correct. Then I will have our Communications Manager proof it to make sure there are no typos! 
  4. Once the press release is complete, I’ll create a contact list of stations, media outlets and reporters from your local area to contact. I’m from the Philadelphia area and sometimes event hosts are from another city or town that I’ve never been to, so I often ask you for some suggestions of local newspapers and television stations.
  5. Finally, I will send the press release to the local media contacts. We can work together to follow up with reporters and see if they are interested!  

When an ALSF Lemonade Stand makes the news, I post it in our Newsroom and on Twitter (@ALSFNews). Want some Lemonade Stand media inspiration? Here is a great clip about a lemonade stand that recently made headlines.  

See you in the headlines!

Alex's Lemonade Days is held June 3-June 11, 2017.  Pick a date that week and host a stand! Sign up here (it's easy!) Thank you for joining us to find cures, one cup at a time! 

Annie Korp is the ALSF Public Relations Specialist. She works with stand hosts, researchers and other partners to spread the word about childhood cancer research, ALSF programs and special events.