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Feel-Good Friday: The Go Gold Edition

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By: Trish Adkins

In September, people everywhere Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. From sharing their stories on social media to joining Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) for The Million Mile and raising funds for research, September is the month when childhood cancer is in the spotlight.

While research and awareness are critical, the stories of real children with cancer are what inspires us to work towards safer treatments and more cures. Kids are more than cancer. Their stories are more than their treatment journal. They are kids who love playing with their siblings, who dream of becoming astronauts and oncologists, who want nothing more than to be kids!

Here are some of the stories of Going Gold, that will inspire you this week:

1.    We asked our followers on social media why they are going gold. The response was a landslide of inspirational stories of beloved children who motivate their loved ones to fight every day for cures:

2.    Team Mikey G is honoring the memory of Michael Gonzalez, who loved sports, with their Million Mile team. Michael had Ewing sarcoma, a type of pediatric bone cancer. 


I’m joining in the effort to fight childhood Cancer and need your help. Spread the word, be a sponsor or even make a one time donation. Alex’s Lemonade Stand has put in the effort to spread awareness of the challenges and steps in trying to raise money to stop childhood Cancer. I’m a part of Team Mikey G who has lost someone who was much to young to be in heaven from childhood Cancer and pray for the day that no one else has to suffer the lost of a child. Anything helps and your efforts are very much appreciated. #teammikeyG #stopchildhoodcancer #alexslemonade #millionmile see link below or in my bio for more information @alexslemonade.

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3.    Riley was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma 21 years ago. For years, Riley and her family have supported childhood cancer research and the work of ALSF. Now grown up, Riley continues to share her message of the need for more awareness and more research funding for kids.


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Covid has put many lives on pause. All our sports, celebrations, and big events have all been postponed. One thing that doesn’t get to stop is childhood cancer. Scans, treatment, appointments- none of it gets to stop. It’s “rare” till it happens to your kid or your friend. The stats say it’s 1 out of every 285 kids. While survival statistics are improving, quality of life after cancer isn’t so much. Survival care is just now becoming a priority. The mental health effects from the aftermath of cancer on young adults is horrendous. Out of the entire cancer budget from the government, only 4% goes to ALL of childhood cancer. Childhood cancer isn’t just one disease. It’s made up of a dozen types and countless subtypes. It doesn’t act the same in everyone. This is why we need more funding and more awareness. We are worth more than #4%. Your friend is worth more than 4%. Your kid is worth more than 4%. #goGold #MoreThan4 #childhoodcancer TLDR; Childhood Cancer is real and common. The funding we get is a joke. Be mad about it. Advocate.

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4.    Rik Zortman is known as the human etch-a-sketch. He uses GPS runs to spell out the names of childhood cancer heroes, dedicating every step in their honor.


3.) Day three. Childhood cancer awareness month. Today I went out and ran one name (#theresa). I was planning two but even I make mistakes and had to start over due to a miscalculation. So yesterday I heard a song on the radio and it really hit home to me. It actually moved me to tears. You see, some of these warriors that I have run for are no longer with us. The song is by Rascal Flatts and it’s called How they Remember You. I lost my son over ten years ago and yet I still remember him and still share his story to others. We all have people in our lives that we have lost. It’s life. We aren’t made to live forever. When we lose someone we love, it hurts. What kind of impact do the one we lost have on others? Will it be stories of greatness or will it be something else? It’s not a question of if, but how they remember you. 1091 original names. Month: 32.08 miles Year: 1522.05 miles #questto1100names #humanetchasketch® #runforarmstrong #runtochangelives #fitnessfanatics #underarmour #iowacityiowa #50statesvirtualchallenge

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5.    Maria has dedicated her Million Mile team to her friend Elias, who is battling anaplastic astrocytoma of the brain stem. Her goal is to walk 100 miles and raise $2,000 for safer treatments for friends like Elias. 



Run, walk, and cycle this September during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! Turn awareness into action, by joining The Million Mile, the largest childhood cancer awareness challenge that funds researchers so they can find better treatments and more cures for kids battling cancer.

Register for The Million Mile!

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is launching a social media campaign inspired by ALSF founder, Alex Scott’s positive outlook in times of uncertainty. We want to know how you are making lemonade out of lemons during this time - whether by learning new skills, getting creative, connecting with family or friends through video chat or doing something else that puts a sweet smile on your faces! Share your special moments with us on social media using the hashtag #MakeAlexsLemonade.