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Four Lemonade Stands Helping Cure Childhood Cancer

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  • lemonade stand
    Connor and his family host their first lemonade stand in Memphis.
  • lemonade stand 2
    Alexandra is no stranger to hosting lemonade stands.
  • cup of lemonade at stand
    Father and son duo Christopher and Barron built a lemonade stand from milk crates.
  • family at lemonade stand
    At Helen's first stand, visitors each received a cookie and lemonade!

By: Trish Adkins

Kids with cancer need all of us to work together to make a difference! Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) founder, Alex Scott, believed that every donation could add up to cures for kids, and she was right. Every year, volunteer fundraisers raise millions of dollars. From front yard lemonade stands to online fundraisers, the creativity and dedication of supporters makes innovative research possible. 

Last weekend, supporters all across the country kicked off Lemonade Days, the ALSF annual week of lemonade stands. Families, friends and businesses came together with stands and virtual events to continue working toward Alex’s belief that we can cure childhood cancer, one cup at a time. 

Meet four of the lemonade stands that are helping to cure childhood cancer:

1.    Let’s Sweeten Up the Cure 
For the past seven months, Connor and his family have been living 1,200 miles from their South Dakota home in Memphis, Tennessee. Three year-old Connor is being treated for medulloblastoma, a type of brain tumor. His family decided to host a lemonade stand in their temporary apartment complex with the hope of spreading awareness about ALSF to other hospital staff and families while raising money for research!

2.    EMU Psychology Lemonade Stand
Alexandra is no stranger to hosting lemonade stands. She is the past president of the University of Texas Dallas Lemon Club, and now as a graduate student at Eastern Michigan University, Alexandra shared her dedication to helping kids with cancer on her new campus!

3.    Sweet Success
Father and son duo Christopher and Barron built their front yard lemonade stand out of milk crates the night before their event. They also shared their plans on social media and raised $350 in one night! 

4.    Helen’s Cookie Frenzy Lemonade Stand
Helen and her family held their first lemonade stand in conjunction with a yard sale in their front yard. To make things even sweeter, Helen had cookies to give to everyone who stopped by!

It's always a great time to host a lemonade stand! Signing up is easy (and we’ll send you some great stuff to help you with your stand, too!). To register, just head here.