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April 2017

Beyond LinkedIn: 10 Reasons to Join a Young Professionals Group

by Trish Adkins

With LinkedIn and dozens of other online professional networking groups, you might feel like you have networking down to a science. The digital age has given all of us the opportunity to connect with professionals from all around the world. However, virtual networking can take away from the personal connections often crafted through young professionals groups in your community.

A Mother's Intuition Leads to Cancer Diagnosis

by Trish Adkins, ALSF staff

Moments before Ruth Ciamarra found herself lying on a gurney next to her 5-year-old daughter Anna, doctors announced that Anna had leukemia and needed treatment immediately.

“My hearing went out; I was pretending to listen and nodding along with everything the doctor said. Then I interrupted the doctor and said ‘I’m about to pass out,’ as I tilted backward,” said Ruth.