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Right Now, Chloe is Awaiting Round II of Her Battle with Cancer

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By: Erin Weller

In August, Chloe began her six-month break from cancer treatment. Right now, she is back home enjoying time with her family through the holidays like most kids her age. But in February 2024, her break will be over, and Chloe, who is a 6th grader, will be back to beating neuroblastoma into remission for the second time in her life. 

Chloe was 4 years old when she began experiencing inexplicable pain that jumped from legs to each arm and eventually, her whole back. Baffled and concerned, her parents took Chloe on trip after trip to Urgent Care, the emergency room and primary care visits in search of an answer. 

Chloe went to St. Louis Children’s Hospital for some tests where her family learned that they would not be leaving the hospital any time soon. After nearly two months in search of answers, Chloe was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma and moved to the oncology floor for next steps.

A cancer reaches stage IV when it spreads from where it originated to other parts of the body. Chloe’s diagnosis was the same as Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation Founder Alex Scott, who also had stage IV neuroblastoma.

Chloe is a sweet and shy girl who’s spent her life fighting cancer with everything she’s got. Her frontline treatment started with chemotherapy, radiation, a tumor resection, stem cell removal and transplant, and immunotherapy. For a while, Chloe’s was cancer-free. 

But three years after her initial diagnosis, Chloe relapsed with metastatic neuroblastoma when her doctors discovered a tumor in her skull. She started, again, with chemotherapy, a tumor resection, radiation, MIBG radiation, and a vaccine clinical trial at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.

The only problem – Chloe and her family live in Missouri, a thousand miles away from the trial. Thankfully, that’s where Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) was able to help. Cancer doesn’t stop for convenience, and with assistance from the Travel For Care Program, treatment doesn’t have to stop either.

The Travel For Care Program offers financial assistance for transportation and lodging to hero families who must travel across the country to receive the care they need. Consistently traveling more than a thousand miles for care presents a huge financial burden for many childhood cancer families, so the Travel For Care Program helps take some of that weight off their shoulders.

Now, Chloe is 11, and through her fight, she’s become a source of strength for her family and a sweet friend to everyone she meets. Chloe’s parents are so proud of the person she’s becoming, and her mom, Mia, sees their journey as more than just the bad times. 

“Remember to enjoy the small moments and milestones because it is easy to forget them because of the pain. But we owe kids all the happy times,” Mia said. 

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