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June 18, 2010
Ten Years and Ten Lessons LearnedAs we finish up the first half of June, we are so grateful for the outpouring of support for childhood cancer that we have seen over the past 10 days. With thousands of stands and events held already this month, a hugely successful phone bank, a beautiful... Read More
June 11, 2010
SUYIN SO, 11) -- When life gives you lemonade, make lemonade. One young Pennsylvania girl did just that, turning a major life lemon -- cancer -- into millions of dollars of aid to children and families that keeps pouring, 10 years later.In 2000, Alex Scott, then 4, told her parents Liz and Jay that she wanted to open a lemonade stand to help doctors at her local hospital, where she was being treated for neuroblastoma.Before long, her efforts... Read More
May 28, 2010
Happy Memorial Day! In honor of the official start to summer, and lemonade season, we have created a quick video to show you how you can register a stand or event to get involved with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation!Take a quick look at the video, and while you are at it, visit our newly launched website and let us know what you think.Have a great long weekend and we’ll see you back here next week as we gear up for Lemonade Days (June 11-13).- Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation