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Fun event ideas for businesses

Your workplace or organization can raise money to fight childhood cancer with any of these fun fundraising ideas!

Be creative – the options are limitless! Once you decide on an event, register your fundraiser. Try one of these ideas:

Promote philanthropy and wellness among your employees – host a 5K! Many businesses and organizations have held their own 5Ks to support ALSF. We have tips and tools to help get you started. You could even put up a lemonade stand at the finish line!

Hold a chili cook-off or other contest (Guess how many lemons – or jelly beans, M&M’s, etc. - are in a jar; 50/50 raffle) and have participants fundraise online to participate. Whoever raises the most money for ALSF gains a prize like an extra personal day or can leave early on Friday.

Raffle off a reserved parking spot, with the proceeds going to ALSF. Check out this example!

Yellow Day or Jeans Day – Have employees pay $5 to dress down, wear jeans or a yellow t-shirt to work, with the money going to ALSF. To raise additional money this day, you could purchase ALSF t-shirts in bulk (using the 25% discount you receive as an event host) and sell them to employees at the regular cost.

Silent Auction at the Office – Ask local businesses to donate gift certificates, tickets and products. Put together a few nice packages or gift baskets and have co-workers bid on their favorite items.

Host a Virtual Fundraiser – Employees can raise money for ALSF without leaving their desk chairs! It’s easy and convenient to support your fundraising efforts with only a few clicks! You’ll get your own personal fundraising page where you can choose a hero to honor, post blogs, pictures and set goals. People can easily spread the word about your fundraising efforts via email or through social media sites to collect donations from friends, family, co-workers, vendors and contacts.

Sell Paper Lemons - Sell paper lemons at the office! Have your colleagues, customers and/or vendors purchase paper lemons and sign them. You can then hang the paper lemons in a public place to display your support in the fight against childhood cancer. Fun tip: create a friendly competition between departments to see who can sell the most paper lemons, or challenge colleagues to create a design out of the lemons. Download and print our paper lemon template.

Sports Tournament - Just about any sport can be turned into a fundraising sports tournament. Bowling, golfing, softball and kickball are just a few! We have even seen Wii tournaments and office mini-golf competitions. 

We're happy to help! Reach out to us at [email protected] or call us at (866) 333-1213.

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