Lemonade Days

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Virtual Fundraising Ideas

Looking for a fun and unique way to participate in Lemonade Days without holding a stand?
Check out the ideas below or create your own!

Connect with friends, family and co-workers through virtual events:

  • Hold a virtual class of any kind and invite friends and family to join
  • Start a fitness routine and challenge others to join you
  • Host an online dance party
  • Demonstrate your special skills with a virtual talent show
  • Have participants go on a scavenger hunt for household items
  • Show your artistic side with an online craft or art show
  • Hold a virtual game or trivia night
  • Hold an online auction
  • Host story time over video chat

Use social media to get others involved:

  • Bite into a lemon and snap a selfie to show your Lemon Face – then challenge others to do the same!
  • Start a Facebook fundraiser – your coach can help you add these donations to your event page
  • Show your support with gold or yellow ManiCURES – have others do the same and share pictures!
  • Share an ALSF-branded bingo board on social media – choose from two cute lemon designs: Download 1 or Download 2
  • Email or tag your friends on social media and challenge them to donate any amount to your page. Then, ask them to share your fundraiser with four people to represent the fact that pediatric cancer only receives 4% of national funding for cancer research.

Put the “fun” into fundraising:

  • Clean up around the house with a challenge to do chores for donations
  • Are you artistic or crafty? Offer your artwork in exchange for donations
  • Get everyone reading by hosting a read-a-thon
  • Set an incentive for reaching your fundraising goal – offer to shave your head or grow out your beard!

Make sure you and your donors check if your employer offers matching gifts to double your impact!