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Hold A Stand In Any Season

Lemonade is sweet any time of year, but when the weather changes or if a holiday is approaching , you can hold a stand with seasonal appeal!

You could hold an apple cider stand at a fall sporting event or a hot chocolate stand in the lobby after a winter choral performance. Who says lemonade needs to be yellow? Serve colored lemonade (e.g. - green for St. Patrick’s Day, strawberry or blue raspberry lemonade for Memorial Day) to coincide with a holiday and add a fun twist to your stand.

Many occasions tie in well to holding stands. Consider holding a stand in conjunction with a school event that will generate foot traffic, and remember that you can hold your stand indoors, in a school lobby or cafeteria, as well as outside. To hold a seasonal stand, just register your stand with us as a lemonade stand, serve a seasonally appropriate beverage and display signage to let everybody know that their donations benefit Alex’s Lemonade Stand and childhood cancer research.

‘Tis the season to help kids with cancer, whenever you hold your stand!

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