Childhood Cancer

Your Child in the Hospital

Help at the hospital

Friends and family members can find many ways to make a child’s hospital experience more bearable.

• Send balloon bouquets, funny cards, posters, toys, or humorous books. A cheerful hospital room really boosts a child’s spirits.

• Send funny videotapes or arrive with a good joke. Laughter helps heal the mind and body.

• Bring toys, puzzles, games, picture books, coloring books, age-appropriate computer games, and crafts.

• Bring a basket of meals or snacks.

• Offer to give parents a break from the hospital room. A walk outside, shopping trip, haircut, or a long shower can be very refreshing.

• Donate frequent flyer miles to distant family members who have the time—but not the money—to help, if the treatment or illness is lengthy or severe.

• Donate blood. Your blood won’t necessarily be used for the injured child, but will replenish the general supply.

One of the nicest things that friends did was to bring a huge picnic basket full of food to the hospital. We spread a blanket on the floor, Erica crawled out of bed, and the entire family sat down together and ate. Most people don’t realize how expensive it is to have to eat every meal at the hospital cafeteria, so the picnic was not only fun, but helped us save a few dollars.