Childhood Cancer

Your Child in the Hospital

Psychological support

Parents of a sick or injured child can feel overwhelmed, frightened, and exhausted. They need practical and emotional help from family and friends.

• Call frequently. Be open to listening if parents want to talk about their feelings.

• Call to talk about topics other than the child’s illness or injury

• Stay in the hospital with the sick child if parents have to work.

• Drive parent and child to the hospital.

• Buy books (humorous or uplifting ones) for family members if they are readers.

• Baby-sit the sick child so parents can go out to eat, exercise, take a walk, or just get out of the hospital.

• Give lots of hugs.

Word got around my parents’ hometown, and I received cards from many high school acquaintances, who still cared enough to call or write and say we’re praying for you, please let us know how things are going. It was so neat to get so many cards out of the blue that said, “I’m thinking about you.”