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Co-Funded Projects

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation is proud to partner with nearly 20 different childhood cancer charities to bring us closer to cures. Together, we are supporting the most cutting-edge research in the fight against childhood cancer. View projects supported in collaboration with our charity partners below!

Project Title Institution Co-Funder(s)
Creating an Infrastructure for Collaborative Clinical Research and Publication of Consensus Guidelines for RUNX1 Familial Platelet Disorder The Cleveland Clinic Foundation The RUNX1 Research Program
Mutagenesis and disease progression in RUNX1 mutant blood stem cells is caused by inflammation-induced hyperactive signaling and supraphysiological mitochondrial ROS St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital The RUNX1 Research Program
Delivering on the Promise of Germline Genetic Testing for RUNX1 Variants University of Washington, Seattle The RUNX1 Research Program
Using Chemical Genetics to Define the Precise Role of RUNX1 in Transcription and Beyond Albert Einstein College of Medicine The RUNX1 Research Program
Characterizing Inflammatory Phenotypes Associated with RUNX1 Deficiency Dana-Farber Cancer Institute The RUNX1 Research Program
Role of PHF6 Mutations in Germline RUNX1 Deficiency Associated Hematopoietic Disorders The Regents of the University of California San Francisco The RUNX1 Research Program
Assessing Clonal Fitness and Mechanisms of Clonal Evolution in FPD-MN Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center The RUNX1 Research Program
Modeling familial platelet disorder associated RUNX1 mutations in mice University of Massachusetts Medical School The RUNX1 Research Program
Restoring RUNX1 Levels in FPD/AML University of Washington, Seattle The RUNX1 Research Program
Characterization of Pre-Leukemia Associated with Familial RUNX1 Mutations Stanford University The RUNX1 Research Program