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Co-Funded Projects

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation is proud to partner with nearly 20 different childhood cancer charities to bring us closer to cures. Together, we are supporting the most cutting-edge research in the fight against childhood cancer. View projects supported in collaboration with our charity partners below!

Project Title Institution Co-Funder(s)
Impact of Pediatric Germline Testing in a Pediatric Cancer Predisposition Clinic Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Northwestern Mutual Foundation
RNA-ECS to Quantify Rare Clonal RNA Species at Diagnosis, Remission and Relapse from the COG AAML1031 Study Washington University Northwestern Mutual Foundation
RNA Methylation in Metabolically Disrupted Pediatric Cancers University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Flashes of Hope, Tap Cancer Out, Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Targeting KDM6B in Pediatric Leukemia Washington University Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Nuclear Receptor Tyrosine Kinases Mediating Chromatin Remodeling & Checkpoint Adaption Children's Cancer Therapy Development Institute Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Therapeutic Targeting of Childhood Leukemia by Pharmacological Inhibition of Proteolytic Cleavage of MLL1 Northwestern University (Illinois) Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Investigating the role of BAI1 in the Metastasis of Medulloblastoma Emory University Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Novel Antibodies to the C2-set Domain of CD33 for Acute Myeloid Leukemia Immunotherapy Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Interrogation of Neuroblastoma Dependencies and RNAs on the Core-Regulatory Circuitry for Therapeutic Inhibition Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Be a Dog’s Best Friend, Help a Child Oregon State University Northwestern Mutual Foundation