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Kensley Seevers

  • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

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Kensley is the happiest and strongest little 2 year old. She loves to play outside with her family, climb on things and go down slides. Whenever she sees someone, she immediately greets them with a smile. Kensley always plays with and gives hugs and kisses to her baby dolls. Her favorite food is chicken nuggets, but she loves all food.

One day her mom, Sarah, noticed that Kensley’s lymph nodes were swollen, so they went to the doctor near their house in Lehigh Acres, FL. They said that Kensley had an ear infection and sent them home with antibiotics. Within a few days, Kensley’s whole face was swollen and her lymph nodes were more than twice the size as before. This time, the doctor decided to draw blood, but the machine wasn't working. They didn't want to send Kensley home again without knowing her blood cell count, so they went to the ER.

Once there, Kensley’s mom discovered that the machine was working fine, Kensley’s numbers were just too high for the other machine to read. Normal white blood cell counts are 5,000, Kensley was at 236,000. The doctor said her heart was basically pumping sludge and if her mom hadn’t followed her instincts and brought Kensley in, she may not have been treatable. They diagnosed her with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and now, Kensley’s treatment consists of lumbar punctures and chemotherapy. She recently had her port replaced and is feeling well, but her family is really looking forward to her final scheduled chemo treatment on August 16, 2020. 

Sarah’s hope is that Kensley will fight off this cancer and be able to live a long, happy and normal life. She wants her to enjoy every moment of life and take it one day at a time until she is clear of cancer. She wishes for her to be able to do everything and anything she wants in the future and to never be afraid.

Kensley is her family’s hero because she is so young, yet so strong. She laughs every day even though she is going through chemo, which takes a toll on her body. She continues to be happy, enjoy her life and never fails to make others happy regardless of the pain she’s going through.

Since this journey for their family is so new, they still have a lot to learn. For anyone else going through this, they should know that there will be good and bad days. Just fight through it and stay strong for your hero. You'll also find out that your hero is way stronger than you'll ever be.

To them, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) means love and support from the community. It reminds their family that there are wonderful people in this world that want to help those who are suffering. This organization gives hope to families that are in need of it.

Hero Quote: "Kensley is the sweetest girl in the entire world and she is so strong. I know she will get through this, because she is Kensley Tuff." - Kensley's sister

Information provided by Sarah Seevers, Kensley’s mother
Updated January 2019

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