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2018 Member Drive One Cup at a Time Club

The One Cup at a Time Club is committing to help 85 more kids get to treatment by launching our 2018 member drive.

You can be the reason why they get there by joining today!

Give Monthly

2018 Member Drive One Cup at a Time Club

The One Cup at a Time Club is committing to help 85 more kids get to treatment by launching our 2018 member drive.

You can be the reason why they get there by joining today!

Give Monthly

Travel For Care

Recognizing the financial burden that families often encounter, the ALSF Travel For Care program offers assistance to families who must travel for their child to receive treatment. The requests for financial support for travel costs have doubled this year. 

In response to the demand, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) launched its One Cup at a Time Club 2018 Member Drive. Your monthly gift to this club puts you in the driver’s seat in the fight against childhood cancer. A gift of $25 per month will directly offset the cost of gas, flights or hotel rooms.

For more information, visit ALSF's Travel for Care section.

Your donations help kids like Blaze get to treatment.

Blaze has been through so much in his young life. His childhood was cut short after being diagnosed with pre B acute lymphoblastic leukemia (Pre B ALL) at just 3 years old. Blaze was being checked for lice when his mother noticed lumps under his ears and on his neck. He also had patchy, tiny purple marks all over his stomach.

Since then, Blaze has received chemotherapy, radiation, a bone marrow transplant, and several surgeries. He was in remission as of November 2017, but has since relapsed. Today, Blaze is 9 years old and in treatment at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), in the CAR T 19 study. In order to get to this potentially lifesaving treatment, Blaze’s family received assistance from ALSF’s Travel For Care program. The gas cards they receive through the program help him travel over 500 miles from Ohio to Philadelphia every three months for treatment.

Watch more of Blaze's story in the video below:

Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive monthly emails about the Travel for Care program for one year (starting Jan 2019)
  • Exclusive quarterly emails about ALSF general programs from key players like program staff and researchers
  • Complimentary biannual ALSF print newsletter subscription
  • Welcome package
  • Direct contact with RachelMarie McLaughlin (Development and Donor Relations Specialist at ALSF)

We’re making a difference together, one cup at a time.



“If I didn’t have that gas card, I don’t know that I’d have gas money to get him to treatment. Every little penny counts.”

Jennifer McKinley
Elijah's Mom

Read Elijah's story



“ALSF paid for a hotel room near the hospital when we were thinking of going back home. That night, our daughter woke up screaming and we had to rush her to the ER. She had a serious blood clot in her brain. Being that close to the hospital saved her life.”

Alana Phillips
Tillery’s Mom

Read Tillery's story



“We are so grateful to ALSF for supporting our family while Garrett faced his treatment so bravely.”

Ryan Briggs
Garrett’s Dad

Read Garrett's story

Our members...

come from 44 U.S. States have raised $246,462 and counting! donate an average of $32 each month

Give Monthly

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the One Cup at a Time Club through the 2018 member drive?

When you sign up through the 2018 member drive, you will receive a welcome package and exclusive monthly emails updating you on the Travel for Care program for one year. You will also receive quarterly updates about ALSF's other programs.

How does recurring giving work?

Joining the program and giving is easy; all you need to do is select your gift amount and choose your preferred method of payment.

How will my recurring support make a difference?

By being a member of the One Cup at a Time Club, you are helping 85 more families get to the childhood cancer treatments they need.

How much should I donate to One Cup at a Time?

The average One Cup at a Time club member donates $25 per month, but you can choose any amount you’d like to give.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express as well as PayPal.

How will my gifts be used?

Your gifts help to offer resources and financial assistance to families when children need to travel to receive potentially lifesaving treatments.

How do I update my contact information, change the amount I give, the payment method or cancel my membership?

To make any changes to your account, call at 610-649-3034 (toll free: 866-333-1213).

How will I receive a record of my recurring gifts?

At the end of the year, we’ll send you a tax receipt with a compiled list of all your gifts. You can then use this list for filing your taxes. If you’d like a receipt before the end of the year, you can request one by calling our office or simply emailing [email protected].

How can I learn more about your programs?

You can learn more about our programming here.

What if I still have questions or need assistance?

If you have any more questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].


Contact RachelMarie McLaughlin at (866) 333-1213 or [email protected]