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Anthony A, SuperSib

Anthony is a one-of-a-kind brother. At 16 years old, he loves playing sports and hanging out with friends in his spare time. He has the funniest personality and knows how to make just about anyone laugh. His ability to lift people’s spirits turned out to be exactly what his family needed when his sister, Julia, began battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

After a mass was discovered in Julia’s chest, Anthony’s sister had to undergo many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. But every step of the way, Anthony was an amazing source of support for his sister. He was always checking that Julia was okay and making her laugh whenever she wasn’t.

Julia is proud of her brother for showing bravery during times of uncertainty. Even while Anthony was acting as his sister’s biggest supporter, he still managed to do amazing things at school. Thankfully, Anthony had a pretty great support system to help him through the hard times too.

Now that Julia is in remission, Anthony is happy to be living in the moment and enjoying every day.

His advice? “Enjoy every little moment.”