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Sydney H, SuperSib

Sydney is an inquisitive 8-year-old who hopes to one day become a wildlife biologist. She’s an incredibly caring kid, who has proved to be both the best little sister and the best big sister in her lifetime. Ever since she was little, Sydney has loved her friends and family wholeheartedly.

In 2018, Sydney’s big brother, Wes, was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiform – a type of brain tumor. After several months locked in a difficult battle with cancer, Sydney lost her brother in 2019. Amid their family’s immense heartbreak, Sydney worked hard to find new ways to honor her brother’s memory.

With a little sister of her own now, Sydney makes sure to tell her sister Reya all about Wesley to help her get to know him better. Sydney’s mom is proud of her daughter for finding her way as a grieving sibling and using her experiences to be empathetic towards others. When one of her friends is experiencing a loss, Sydney is always there to offer support, listen or just sit with someone having a rough day.

She loves receiving the Comfort and Care mailings from Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation because it offers her another opportunity to remember her big brother and all the special things about him that she misses so much.