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Zane C., SuperSib

Zane is 5 years old and has many interests, such as dinosaurs, sports, building toys, stuffed animals and swimming. He tries to make friends with everyone he meets, but his best friend is his older brother, Quinn.

Sadly, Quinn was diagnosed with leukemia. Zane knows he can’t go to the hospital with Quinn for his treatments, but he cares a lot about his brother and just wants to make sure nobody hurts him. When he can, Zane loves to visit Quinn, and they play video games and watch movies together. Zane’s family is proud of him for being such a smart, sweet and polite boy who always thinks of others and wants to have fun!

Zane absolutely loves getting mail. He recognizes his name, so when his SuperSib mailings come in the mailbox, he giggles and dances with excitement.

Information provided by: 

Tracy Nagel, Zane’s mom